Bicycle Repair Services

With a love of bicycles and a passion for quality work.
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Bicycle Repair Services

Whether it be a simple flat tire fix or a comprehensive tune-up, we'll have you on the road quickly.

Estimates are free. Make an appointment to bring in your bike. We'll recommend what we believe needs to be done. Many services can be done while you wait such as replacing an inner tube, handlebar tape wrapping, and brake adjustments.

Have additional questions, please give us a call at (424) 209-9643. We'll be happy to help you with what you need. 

Repair costs reflect service only; parts are not included. Depending on the bike model, some services may vary and related costs may vary accordingly.

When you drop off your bike we will provide you with an initial estimate for the job, followed by a written estimate if requested. If we find that the estimated cost may exceed while repairing, we will contact you for approval before proceeding.

Safety Check and Clean

Wipe down, and degrease the drive chain (non-removal) Inspect front and rear brakes, inner cables, and housings. Index / Adjust Derailleurs (front and rear). Inspect Wheels. Check front and rear tires, spokes, and hubs. Set the tire pressure to the manufacturer's recommended limit. Inspect the shift levers, handlebars, stem, and headset. Torque All Fasteners to manufacturer's specification

Standard Tune-Up

Safety Check and Clean + Wheel truing as needed Remove the rear cassette or freewheel, and degrease. Reinstall and torque to specification. Inspect rim or disk brakes. Replace brake cables as required. Inspect Derailleur(s). Replace derailleur inner cables as required.

Complete Bicycle Overhaul

Standard Tune + Service bottom bracket bearings Wheel and axle and hub service (front and rear wheels) Remove pedals and crank arms. Clean front chainrings and cassette. Reinstall and torque to specification. Service Handlebar Headset and Stem

Why Choose Us?

Discover the convenience of Rim2Rim Velo Services your local bicycle repair service that brings professional and innovative bike care right to your neighborhood. Experience faster turnaround times compared to larger commercial shops, reflecting our commitment to being the go-to choice for bike services in the community. Our love for bicycles and their riders is evident in every service we provide.
Fall in love with your bike again!

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